European Parents’ Association: General Assembly & International Conference – Equitable access and inclusion in education for every child in Europe

27-29 April | Milan, Italy

The European Commission has announced its commitment to creating a European Education Area partly to establish a policy framework providing the path towards Sustainable Development Goal 4: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education. When EPA published its Manifesto 2015 envisaging 21st century education provided by education systems offering equitable learning environments for all children and their parents, based on a free and informed choice for parents on the education of their children that should never be restricted by the financial capacity of the family, UNESCO published its own vision calling for establishing education as a common – rather than public – good. This approach, based on childrens’ and parents rights demands governments to make informed and unrestricted choices possible for parents for an education that is best for the individual child as well as society.

This conference will focus on challenges European countries and European parents are facing for real equity: an equal opportunities approach of some countries, double financing by parents, inclusion of learners of diverse talents and needs, geographical differences, cultural differences, migration.

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