Volonteurope: Pathways to rights – Empowering young Europeans

30-31 October | European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Belliard 99, Brussels, B-1040, Belgium

Volonteurope’s 26th annual conference will be an occasion to share practices and information around participation as a pathway to accessing rights and strengthening social cohesion.

The conference ‘Pathways to rights: Empowering young Europeans’ will bring together young people from all over Europe to discuss, share experiences, and learn from others about ways in which they engage with civil society organisations to create a better and fairer society for all.

Too often, young people are left out of the processes that shape their futures. Participation, social action and active citizenship are pathways to the empowerment of young people, and thus civil society organisations play a pivotal role in supporting them in building a fairer Europe.

Communities and society are increasingly unequal and more people than ever are facing social exclusion, in particular young people. With the UK, after the EU referendum, negotiating its exit from the European Union, we are in danger of facing a hard Brexit that will deny several mutual freedoms and rights for both British people and other EU citizens living in the country, affecting mostly the younger generations that face the loss of their EU citizenship.

In times of unprecedented societal and labour market challenges, and when the civic space is shrinking, we need to find new ways of participating and work to strengthen successful initiatives.

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