European Network Against Racism: Refugee inclusion in the workplace – a guide for employers

Employers are active agents of inclusion when they offer opportunities for employment. Employers, by providing substantive, fair and quality employment can raise aspirations, develop individuals and promote economic independence and freedom; all pre-requisites for inclusion into wider society.

The European Network Against Racism’s (ENAR) guide provides practical tools for employers looking to transform their workforce to provide opportunities to refugees. First, it looks at the barriers for various types of organisations (private companies, public services, civil society, trade unions) as employers and as agents of change in seeking to create employment opportunities for refugees. These barriers relate both to the broader institutional context surrounding refugee inclusion, and issues specific to employers themselves.

The solutions section then looks at some of the ways various agents of change have overcome or addressed such barriers, in contexts relevant to them. This includes considerations relating to laws and policies, well-being and rights of employees, and also how to contribute more broadly toward a society more accepting and welcoming of refugees.

This guide encourages some first steps towards a more open approach toward refugees in the workplace.

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