International Federation of Social Workers: IFSW European Vice-President encourages social workers to take part on the debates organised during the EMIN bus journey

Ana Radulescu, the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Europe Vice-President, encourages social workers to take part in the debates related to minimum income schemes organised during the European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) bus journey. The EMIN bus journey raises awareness on minimum income and is visiting 32 Countries over 64 days. During the journey, a total of 120 programs will be organised locally.

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Minimum income is a basic measure in fighting poverty and an important component of social protection program. The main aspect of minimum income is that people expose themselves and their family to intolerable risks when they do not have the necessary financial means.

The main objectives of minimum income are:

  1. Support people and families with limited financial means to live in dignity
  2. Ensure cohesion and to manage transitions in the current changing world of work
  3. Reverse the dangerous trend of ‘working poor’
  4. Facilitate progressive (re-)integration into the labour market

But minimum income policy is not enough for ensuring people (re-)integrate into the labour market. Minimum income schemes should be accompanied by a number of adequate social services and social workers’ perspective should be an integrative part of the concept. These are conditions to ensure that people receive proper social, employment and care support.

Social workers are growing resilience in people. Social work profession is well equipped with knowledge and skills that help people to solve and cope with the problems that limit their access to a fulfilled social and professional life.

Ana Radulescu and Fran Mcdonnell (IFSW Representatives to Social Platform) were present in Brussels at the European Parliament when the EMIN bus journey was launched. Mairead McGuinness, the Vice-President of the European Parliament, was at the launch encouraging people to welcome the EMIN bus when crossing their country.

Ana Radulescu said, “I wrote on the bus: IFSW. I wish people to remember that without social workers and without their knowledge and skills a country cannot progress in term of social inclusion. Social workers must, therefore, be included in the discussion and, in particular, they must ask that their perspective is included in the concept. On the other hand, we need to ensure that social workers are informed and motivated to contribute to these debates and discussions. If we do not succeed in this approach, people will not have the necessary services that support their social and professional development”.

Ana Radulescu is encouraging social workers to follow the EMIN bus journey and take part in the debate organised in each country. “We need social workers to make a new effort in order to ensure that the development of the Minimum Income Schemes will include adequate social services as an essential foundation for sustainable social and economic development” she said.

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