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We and our members work on a broad array of social justice issues within the EU. However there are many other civil society organisations working in the EU covering other important topics in the life of people such as the environment, workers’ rights, public services etc. Often our work connects and overlaps and it is therefore important to work together in partnership to strengthen our campaign and get broader support for the benefit of people we fight for in Europe.

Social Platform is a member of the following alliances:


Spring Alliance

Spring Alliance is a broad civil society movement with a single goal: to bring about a European Union that puts its people and the planet at the heart of its policy making. We joined forces with three other leading civil society organisations – the European Environmental Bureau, the European Trade Union Confederation and Concord – to make sure the Europe 2020 Strategy puts people and planet first. Visit the website and read the manifesto.


Civil Society Europe

Civil Society Europe is a permanent coordination of organised civil society at EU level. It brings together European networks of associations and NGOs that share a common vision for Europe. It hopes to be influential in shaping the EU agenda on issues of common interest for citizens and organisations, to nurture a vibrant European democracy grounded on civic participation, and to ensure that people’s aspirations guided by the values we share are heard and responded to. Read the manifesto.


EU Civil Society Contact Group

EU Civil Society Contact Group brings together eight large rights- and value-based NGO sectors. It brings together the voices of hundreds of thousands of associations across the EU, linking the national with the European level, and represents a large range of organised interests.  The objective is to encourage and promote a transparent and structured civil dialogue that is accessible, properly facilitated, inclusive, fair and respectful of the autonomy of NGOs. Visit the website. 


Water Is A Human Right

Water Is A Human Right believes that water is a public good, not a commodity. The campaign asks the European Commission to propose legislation implementing the human right to water and sanitation as recognised by the United Nations, and promotes the provision of water and sanitation as essential public services for all. EU legislation should require governments to ensure and provide all citizens with sufficient and clean drinking water and sanitation. Visit the website.


European Economic & Social Committee Liaison Group – Civil Society Organisations

EESC Liaison Group-CSO was set up is in line with the initiatives taken by the Committee over recent years with the aim of strengthening cooperation with European civil society organisations and therefore, bolstering its role in future as chosen intermediary between the EU institutions and organised civil society.

Social Platform is a partner of the following alliances: