Quality Employment

A close up of a 'Conditions of Contract' letter.

Around 9% of people who are employed are poor revealing that having any kind of job is not enough. Temporary contracts, part-time work and low wages are to blame for the phenomenon of in-work poverty which has been steadily increasing since the start of the economic crisis.

Investing in job creation cannot be effective and sustainable unless the quality and sustainability of employment is guaranteed. This will help to counter the increase of in-work poverty, precariousness, indecent working conditions and labour market segmentation. This implies that employment and poverty policies should reinforce each other rather than one taking priority over the other.

We work to see the establishment of decent minimum wages in all member states to protect people against in-work poverty. We also raise awareness of the need for on-going support for people with a vulnerable background to help them bridge transitions into work and to keep their job.