Successful Business Executives Shaking Hands With Each Other (woman and man)

Every person has the right to quality employment and a decent wage. Those who are excluded from the labour market should be supported in their right to work. Quality, sustainable employment not only benefits society but the economy as well.

In the EU approximately 9.4% of the population is unemployed and this rises to over 20.3% for those under the age of 25. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in poorly paid, insecure and unprotected work and for many people with a job their incomes fall below the poverty line. Quality and sustainability in the labour market serve as safeguards for decent working lives.

To achieve the sustainable inclusion of youth in employment and in society as a whole, the EU and its Member States need to establish an inclusive and equally accessible education system. They have to ensure that all young people – especially those who are neither in employment, nor education and training – have appropriate means to be socially included.

Our work focuses on promoting the creation of, access to, and progression in quality and sustainable employment.