EDF: Webinar on COVID 19 Recovery and the EU Budget: Influencing the process

On the 27 May, the European Commission launched its new proposal for the Multiannual Financial Framework (the EU’s new budget), in response to the COVID 19 pandemic and crisis. The proposal sees the addition of an extra 750€ billion in the form of the “Next Generation EU” instrument. The aim is to spend this extra money over the coming two years, to boost recovery from the COVID 19 crisis. A lot of decisions on how funds are used are decided at the national level, making it crucial that Organisations of Persons with Disabilities are included in devising the Operational Programmes. This process is about to start now.

The webinar will aim to:

• Explain exactly what changes to the Multiannual Financial Framework have taken place.

• To explore what potential the EU funds have for furthering the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

• To present first-hand experiences and advice on how disability organisations can get a seat at the table in different Member States when it comes to the use of EU funds. The webinar will provide real-time captioning and international sign.

The webinar will be recorded and shared later for those who cannot join. Here is the link for the real-time captioning https://www.text-on-tap.live/index.html#e=nxWG8sCUQS