EPR Training Workshop: Disability Management

Evidence based practice highlights the need to use an integrative approach in maintaining people at work or to reintegrate them in the labour market. One of the most critical success factors is having an actor coordinating the Return To Work (RTW) progress. The Disability Management (DM) represents a response to this need.

The National Institute for Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR, Canada) has developed this integrative approach over many years and a related curriculum to certify professionals in DM. DM is built on 2 pillars (systematic approach for companies and coordination effort among individuals) and is organized by 10 principles.

The Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) concluded an agreement with NIDMAR to use the methodology, materials, qualification and started in 2014 with the implementation of DM adapted to the Belgian context with the aim to provide professionals new skills in DM.

Who is this training workshop designed for ?

  • Job coaches working in the field of employment of people with disabilities
  • Labour market inclusion professionals

Webinar objectives

The participants will learn:

  • how the Disability Management approach works,
  • what the principles on which it is based are and through which it is applied
  • how to plan and implement a DM-based intervention , and how to put in place an intervention based on it.