Eurocities Conference: Building back better: A stronger social Europe

30 September, 10.00 – 12.30 | Digital Conference 

People living in cities have been hardest hit by the corona pandemic and the economic and social crisis. Poverty and inequalities are rapidly rising in cities, with new groups of people at risk of poverty – the ‘new urban poor’. Addressing this crisis requires bold actions by working together between all levels of government towards a fair, inclusive and sustainable recovery, leaving no one behind. It is our chance to do more than just undo the effects of the pandemic crisis. It is time to ‘build back better’ and put people at the heart of the EU agenda. It is time to strengthen social Europe and give cities the means to address poverty and inequalities.

This event will bring city mayors in direct dialogue with MEPs to discuss how to move social Europe forward and drive a fair and inclusive recovery. We will discuss the new statement to be announced by Eurocities on how to work together with cities on new priorities and proposals for reinforcing social Europe. A special focus will be given to addressing the rising poverty and inequalities in cities. The increasing demand for social services in cities and how the EU can support social investment at local level will also be discussed. This event will contribute to the public consultation on reinforcing social Europe and preparing the European Pillar of Social Rights action plan.

The event will take stock of the achievements of Eurocities political campaign ‘Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City’. Mayors and deputy mayors will present their city pledges to the European Pillar of Social Rights proving their commitment to put principles into action through dedicated social investments. We will launch a new website dedicated to our campaign where all city pledges, evidence and good practices from cities, and results of our mutual learning programme for cities, are gathered in one place.

You can find the event programme and further information about the event on our new website here.

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