European Anti-Poverty Network: Online policy conference – How to ensure the poor don’t pay for COVID-19 – From short-term response to an effective rights-based integrated anti-poverty strategy

14 July, 14:00-16:30 | Online

The European Anti-Poverty Network’s (EAPN) annual policy conference will focus on how to ensure the poor don’t pay for Covid-19 – and ensuring that short-term responses feed into an effective long-term rights-based EU strategy to fight poverty. Over the past two months EAPN has carried out a detailed study including webinar exchanges with its members in 32 countries, tracking the impact of the crisis on people experiencing poverty and the efficacy of the measures being taken. In the longer term, EAPN wants to see these measures underpinned by an EU integrated strategy to fight poverty, that invests in adequate incomes (decent wages, adequate minimum income and social protection) and access to essential services, as part of the Action Plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights. With this online conference EAPN will now present its study’s main findings and policy recommendations for national and EU levels and discuss them with decision makers & stakeholders.

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