European Anti-Poverty Network: Seminar, ‘Can the Semester help build a better Social Europe?’

12 January, 09:30-13:00 | European Parliament, room A3-H1, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels B-1047, Belgium

The event ‘Can the Semester help build a better Social Europe?’ is jointly hosted by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) with Member of the European Parliament Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto (S&D). The seminar aims to review how well the European Semester and Europe 2020 is working in terms of its delivery on social rights, poverty and participation and to debate what changes are needed to ensure progress towards a more Social Europe.

It comes at a timely moment with the adoption of the 2017 Annual Growth Survey and the European Commission’s upcoming proposal following the public consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The key questions to be raised are:

  • Can the European Semester become a positive instrument to promote Social Europe?
  • Will it change its narrative and move towards a more balanced economic and social agenda?
  • How will the European Pillar of Social Rights be implemented and mainstreamed in the Semester?
  • Can the EU become more accountable to citizens?
  • What can be done to increase the impact of civil society engagement as well as national and European Parliament in the European Semester and EU policy-making?

The seminar will discuss stakeholders’ views and proposals from the national and EU level, including presenting EAPN’s 2016 Assessment of the National Reform Programmes: What progress for Social Europe? The 2nd round table will promote dialogue between the Rapporteurs for the relevant reports on the European Pillar of Social Rights and on the European Semester – the Annual Growth Survey – and key members of the European Commission and the audience.

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