European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities: Webinar, “ECI in Theotokos Foundation – Step by step from early detection to inclusion”

29 September, 14:00-16:00 | Online

The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities’s (EASPD) Member Forum on Early Childhood Intervention and the Theotokos Foundation are organising the webinar “ECI in Theotokos Foundation: Step by Step from Early Detection to Inclusion”.

Early days and years are crucial for the development of every children cognitive and social functions, even more so for children with disabilities. For this reason, EASPD is committed to make sure that high quality and family-based early childhood intervention (ECI) systems are in place to support children and their parents. To raise awareness on what ECI means, and on how these services function in practice, EASPD and the Theotokos Foundation, based in Greece, decided to organise a webinar looking specifically at their ECI department, its methodologies and the services it offers to children and families from the moment when they are identified in nurseries as being at risk of developmental difficulties, until the inclusion procedure in mainstream schools.

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