European Economic and Social Committee: Civil Society Days 2019 – Sustainable Democracy in Europe

12-13 June | European Economic & Social Committee, Rue Belliard 99, JDE, 6th floor, Brussels, Belgium

The Civil Society Days 2019 will take place at a crucial moment for Europe, namely after the Sibiu Summit and the European elections and ahead of the constitution of the new European Parliament and European Commission.

Against the backdrop of current pressures on our democratic systems and the urgency of progress regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s Civil Society Days will focus on two main pillars – democracy and sustainability – and will explore their links and interactions in six workshops:

  • Resilient democracies: the positive impact of civic action and organised civil society
  • Towards more inclusive youth organisations
  • Transitioning to an economy for people and planet (co-organised by Social Platform)
  • E-democracy, citizens’ advocacy power and alternative forms of active participation
  • Protecting freedom of expression in culture and education
  • Economy and Democracy in the labour market: for a resilient and sustainable pathway

Inspirational speakers include:

• Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the Fundamental Rights Agency
• Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner in charge of Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship

Register here by 5 June.

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