European Network Against Racism: EU Anti-Racism Days

18-21 March | Brussels

Across Europe, the rise of political parties promoting racism, fascism and discrimination and fuelling divisive public sentiments is posing a huge threat to democracy, security, and in particular the rights of people of colour, minorities and migrants.

The upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2019 are an opportunity for communities affected by racism to join forces and build solidarity to put equality and anti-racism at the centre of these elections.

From 18 to 21 March 2019, anti-racism activists from across Europe are coming together in Brussels to combat racist narratives in the European Parliament elections.

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Each One Teach One (EOTO), the European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI), and the European Network for People of African Descent (ENPAD) are organising a programme of events for anti-racist activists designed to promote exchanges of knowledge and good practice on:

  • Building anti-racist narratives
  • Community organising and non-party political mobilising
  • Social media and online campaigns

The programme also includes the following events:

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