European Parents’ Association: The impact of training parents for intellectual disability awareness

19 March, 16:00 – 18:00 | European Parliament, room ASP 5G30, Brussels B-1047, Belgium

The ELPIDA (E-Learning Platform for Intellectual Disability Awareness) project, of which European Parents’ Association is a Consortium member, aims to provide family members and parents of people with intellectual disabilities with necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to feel more confident and competent to provide support and empowerment to children of all ages with intellectual disability.

16:00 Greeting by Martina Werner, the hosting MEP
16:10 Greeting by Horst Dreimann, Director of EVBB, co-host of the event
16: 20 Presentation of the ELPIDA Project goals and results – Kathy Kikis-Papadakis, FORTH (EL), the project coordinator
16:35 Potential impact of the ELPIDA training course for parents on the lives of their chlidren – James Crowley, external evaluator of the project
16:50 Reflection of the potential impact of training parents on the lives of people with intellectual disabliities – Representative of the European Disabliity Forum
17:00 Summary and introduction of the training modules by project partners
17:20 Testimonials from users
17:40 Q&A

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