European Platform for Rehabilitation: Quality Social Services – A key to implement social rights

20 | Transforma Brxl, Avenue Jules Bordet 13, Brussels 1140, Belgium

The topic of quality of services in the social sector has been a priority for the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) and its members for many years, and in 2003 EPR launched EQUASS, which enhances the social sector by engaging social service providers in continuous improvement, learning and development, in order to guarantee service users quality of services throughout Europe. Its quality framework provides a comprehensive approach to quality management, features a rights-based approach and is a recognised tool for implementing the European Voluntary Quality Framework for Social Services.

This event will promote mutual learning on providing quality services, including a focus on services relating to principles in the European Pillar of Social Rights; facilitating exchanges on success factors and how to address challenges. Workshops will also give opportunities for participants to learn about methods to improve the quality of services and participants will be encouraged to network to create lasting connections. Another goal of the conference is to discuss and make recommendations as to how actions at EU level could support quality social services in implementing the principles.

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