European Public Health Alliance: Online discussion, ‘Combatting inequalities in healthcare – A first step towards health equity for Roma’

8 April, 16:00-17:00 | Online

Roma – the largest ethnic minority in Europe – remain the most excluded and marginalized population within the European Union facing multiple social and economic barriers leading to severe inequalities in health. Recent studies have demonstrated persistent disparities between Roma and the general population in many European countries, resulting in poor health of entire communities, generational and child poverty.

Victims of anti-gypsyism – a specific form of racism –Roma struggle to access equally health services and this has long-term effects on the health status of Roma communities. In many European countries, such disparities have systemic character and are rooted in structural discrimination leading to lower access to health coverage, healthcare and prevention.

As a result, Roma face higher mortality rates, premature death and live on average 10 years shorter compared with the general population. The recent pandemic hitting hard vulnerable groups, revealed the extent of health inequalities between Roma and non-Roma by lessening their access to healthcare, including medical follow-up but also protection and prevention in COVID19.

Join the policy dialogue with the Fundamental Rights Agency and Equinet to discuss the factors responsible for systemic inequalities that Roma face in health, including human rights protection; reflect on the socio-economic aspects of the pandemic and their consequences for Roma health; as well as policy solutions which could ensure better health for all.

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