Good governance in the times of COVID-19: launching the EU’s social recovery through the European Semester process

7 July 2020
10:00 – 12:00

Europe is grappling with the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It needs to find solutions both to tackle these impacts of the crisis with urgency and in the medium term to recover from this crisis while building a more resilient Europe. Europe can only be more resilient if it becomes a society based on social justice, where dignity, wellbeing, respect for every person and their human rights are at the centre of all decisions and actions. The European Semester process is a crucial tool in this context. However, some reforms of the process are necessary, and its social dimension must continuously be strengthened to ensure that it is perfectly equipped to recommend the right reforms of social and employment systems in EU Member States that can help us overcome this crisis and achieve our objective of building a socially just Europe.

Social Platform and MEP Klára Dobrev jointly organise this event to debate with speakers, representatives of civil society organisations in the social field and participants how the Semester process can contribute to Europe’s recovery.

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Moderator: Laura de Bonfils, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Social Platform

10:00 Welcome

· Klára Dobrev, MEP, S&D, Rapporteur of the draft report on the employment and social policies of the euro area 2020

· Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform President

10:05 Opening presentations

· Klára Dobrev, MEP, S&D, Rapporteur

· Dennis Radtke, MEP, EPP, Shadow rapporteur (tbc)

· Heather Roy, Social Platform Management Committee member

· Filip Tanay, European Commission

· Jan Farzan, Social Protection Committee, Germany

10:50 Key recommendations from European social civil society organisations

11:30 Debate with the audience

11.50 Closing

· Klára Dobrev, MEP

· Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform President



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