‘Group of Social Pillar Champions’ launch event!

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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s health, how they live, and work has demonstrated the need to make Europe socially stronger. We need to look ahead and invest in Europe’s future by investing in its people. The next step of the European project should lead to more equality, dignity and respect for every person by creating a stronger, more prosperous, and more resilient Europe. The European Pillar of Social Rights and its 20 principles covering areas like wages, minimum income, access to services, housing and homelessness, is one of the main tools to make this vision of Europe a reality.

As part of Social Platform’s work on the Social Pillar, we are creating a new ‘Group of Social Pillar Champions’ in the European Parliament. This group brings together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are the most vocal and visible supporters of social rights. Civil society organisations and the European Parliament working more closely together will help build momentum for stronger, more sustainable, and inclusive social rights for all people in the EU. It will also help raise awareness of the Social Pillar, the importance of social justice, and the vital role that the European project has in protecting and promoting human rights.

As well as officially launching the Group of Champions, this event creates an opportunity for MEPs, Social Platform and other stakeholders to exchange about their priorities for action on the Social Pillar and its principles in the context of Europe’s social recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Co-host: Dennis Radtke, MEP

Moderator: Heather Roy, Social Platform Management Committee

14:30 Welcome & introduction:

  • Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform President

14:35 Keynote speech: Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

14:50 Storytelling testimony from the ground: Teodora Ion-Rotaru, Accept, Romania

15:00 Input statement by Social Platform: Alva Finn, Social Platform Secretary-General

15:10: Discussion with members of the group, present MEPs, and the audience on their priorities for action on the Social Pillar

15:50 Closing

  • Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform President
  • Dennis Radtke, MEP

For any question, please contact Katja Reuter, Social Platform Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer: katja.reuter@socialplatform.org