Housing Europe: Conference, ‘Livability & Affordability in the Digitised City’

7 June, 09:30-16:30 | Estonian Film Museum, Maarjamäe Palace, Tallinn, Estonia

This summer Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing and EKYL- Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations take a digital look in the future of our cities. In a country that serves as a role model for e-governance the annual agenda-setting event around affordable housing in Europe will bring together more than 150 representatives of housing associations across Europe, policymakers and the civil society in an exchange that generates evidence-based policy suggestions. The effects of the digital age become more and more visible in the cities we live in and will play a shaping role in their future. The question of data, smart city ideas or evolving collaborative governance models are just some aspects of this bigger trend unfolding. Within this context, housing is where everything starts…

Join a number of experts from a wide range of sectors- academics, architects, civil engineers, housing providers, policymakers, tech innovators, civil society and international institutions’ representatives for a full day of exchange and inspiration!

This event marks the 30 year anniversary of Housing Europe!

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