International Federation of Social Workers Europe: Conference, ‘Social Protection & Human Dignity’

8-11 September 2019 | Vienna

Social workers, experts and stakeholders at various levels of action and policy-makers will get together in Vienna for a lively exchange of views and fruitful discussions on Social Protection & Human Dignity.

For social workers, scientists and socio-political activists, this conference is the most important platform in Europe to exchange experiences and to receive information about current developments. Efficient models from different regions of Europe are presented in symposia and lectures, workshops are also held in the institutions that provide social services and offer the possibility of direct contact with colleagues of the service and service users.

The following key aspects should guide all contributions and be covered intensively:

  • European social politics – Social Pillar of the EU
    Which relevance has the development of a social EU
  • Basic living conditions – Social welfare state
    Basic needs, alternatives to social aid, basic income and discussion about innovative models and projects
  • Migration, refugees
    Interrelationship of migration and welfare state, neoliberal economics, war, poverty and refugees
  • Community services
    Role of social work for the future of marginalised people in times of fast reduction of social welfare, the role of civil society and NGOs in counselling and support, fighting against populism, discrimination, racism and radicalisation
  •  People with disabilities, marginalised groups and minorities
    The role of social work in maintaining and protecting quality, sustainability and ethical principles
  • Fundamental rights – Human rights
    The standing of values and ethics in times when the state withdraws from its responsibility to care for wellbeing of the people, access to rights, defending human rights, practical advice for social workers.

The conference will provide ample opportunities for personal interaction and cultural enrichment throughout the city and during the conference’s social program.

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