Hearing on the Future of Migration and Asylum in Europe

Date: December 3 Time: 09.00-15.30 Place: Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, Brussels

Organised by: Social Platform and the Commission, DG Home Affairs

EU civil society organisations are invited to a hearing on the future of migration and asylum in Europe

Xenophobia and racism are increasing in Europe. Anti-immigration and hate discourses have become normalized in the EU political mainstream and migrants are facing a strongly negative climate. Proposals to restrict immigration flows have been supported in several EU countries.

The economic crisis has further contributed to hostility towards third country nationals, regardless of their legal or illegal status. Shrinking economic opportunities and high unemployment have increased the risk of migrants ending up in poverty. There is an amplified the need to combat and prevent discrimination, racism, administrative barriers and social exclusion – which hinder migrants from accessing the labour market and essential goods and social services.

‘A Europe that Protects’ often refers to external threats such as terrorism. Far more rarely do decision-makers refer to the need for a Europe that protects its founding values of human dignity, respect for human rights, pluralism, non-discrimination, solidarity and equality.

The European Commission and Social Platform will bring together relevant stakeholders for a consultation on the challenges and opportunities for migration and asylum in Europe. The conclusions of the hearing will feed into the European Commission’s reflection on a new agenda for Home Affairs to be presented in March 2014.

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In June 2013 Social Platform published its position paper on migration.