Virtual meeting: understanding Social Platform priorities from the perspective of social service providers and equality networks

17 September 2020, 10:00-12:30 | Online

This virtual meeting aims to explore the perspectives of Social Platform members active on social services as well as those active on equality, giving them a platform to come together to examine and contribute to Social Platform’s strategic plan.

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10:00  Introductory remarks – Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform’s President
10:05  Presentation of Social Platforms Strategic Plan – Laura de Bonfils and Juris Lavrikovs; Q&A
10:30  Division into two small working groups; moderated by Catherine Naughton, Shannon Pfohman
11:30  Report back from small group exchanges:
12:00  Q&A and discussion moderated by Patricia Prendiville
12:25  Summary of next steps and end of the meeting – Piotr Sadowski, Social Platform’s President