COFACE: re-elects president, welcomes new board members and launches new name

2016 General Assembly re-elects president, welcomes new board members and launches new name: COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE

COFACE is pleased to announce that Annemie Drieskens is re-elected as president and forms together with Antonia Torrens, Jean Bernard Audureau and Eric de Wasch the new Executive Bureau. Also, the members of the Administrative Council have been elected at COFACE’s General Assembly 2016 held on 7th of June. With a new director, Liz Gosme and a new policy officer, Magdi Birtha, this marks a fresh new start for COFACE.

The 2016 General Assembly voted unanimously to renew the name of the organisation into COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE and launched a new slogan: “A better society for all families”.

COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE agreed an important Mission for the future:

COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE is a network promoting the well-being, health and security of families and their members in a changing society and serves as a trusted entity for family mainstreaming and for the voice/needs of families in the EU and beyond.   All members committed to their involvement in

COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE working towards a family-friendly society, where families and their members benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services and adequate time arrangements in order to live and enjoy their family life in dignity and harmony.

COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE is rooted in a set of six core values:

Non-discrimination. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE recognises all family forms.

Equal opportunities. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE believes equality between women and men is a cornerstone for the reconciliation of family and professional life.

Respect of human rights. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE seeks to advance the rights of families and their members to a decent quality of life.

Empowerment. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE aims to give a voice to all family members as citizens, consumers and workers.

Social inclusion. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE advocates for the shaping of policies to tackle poverty and social exclusion of families and their members.

Solidarity. COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE promotes intergenerational solidarity between family members.

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