European Disability Forum: ETF campaign to keep on-board staff on trains

In many European countries the number of trains with on-board personnel decreases. This affects the quality of services and safety of the passengers, including passengers with disabilities.The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is launching a campaign to keep on-board staff on European trains and EDF is supporting them in their effort.

For EDF, spontaneous and independent rail travel is of course the goal that we are striving to achieve. But until this is a reality, EDF recognises the important role that on-board staff has in assisting all passengers, including passengers with disabilities. This also includes more flexibility and better communication that on-board staff can offer.

ETF’s campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems that the decrease of staff on the trains bring and to reverse the current trend.

The campaign was launched on 29 October with actions organised by the ETF affiliates at national level. Trade unions from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland have also had actions on that date and EDF was present at ETF’s press conference on 27 October in Brussels.

You can download the campaign flyer here.

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