View the updated papers on tax justice and climate change

On December 05, 2013 we held the conference "Go green, be social!" on tax justice and climate change, in the frame of the Spring Alliance. We asked EU policy-makers and stakeholders to discuss how to promote fair environmental policies – combining social, environmental and economic aspects. To shape the debate we commissioned a background paper by independent experts – Lucas Chancel and Simon Ilse were selected. The background paper does not necessarily reflect the position of Social Platform and the other members of Spring Alliance on environmental policies and tax justice. It is just meant to be the starting point for a debate with EU decision-makers and stakeholders on such an important issue. The definitive version of the background paper is available on our web site.

We also asked Prof. Bouzarovski – who contributed to the second panel – to write an article on energy poverty. Read his interesting article "Social justice and climate change: Addressing energy poverty at the European scale".

On our web site you can also view the speaking note from Paul Arnoldus (DG ECFIN) who contributed to the second panel.

A report with the main points arising from the conference will be available later on in January.