Caritas Europa

Caritas Europa is the network of Caritas organisations on the European continent. The united strength of its 49 members, present in 46 European countries, makes of Caritas Europa one of the major social actors in Europe.

Caritas Europa is also one of the seven regions of Caritas Internationalis, the biggest network of Catholic charities in the world devoted to reducing poverty and campaigning for social justice.

Caritas Europa focuses its activities on issues relating to poverty, social exclusion and inequality, migration and asylum in Europe. On the global level, Caritas Europa is actively engaged in humanitarian assistance and international development throughout the world.

As a network, Caritas Europa also ensures the qualitative strengthening of the network by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise in order to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of both the network as well as each of its members.

Caritas Europa brings forward the needs of the people experiencing poverty and the voice of its member organisations to the European Institutions, European Union Member States and different public authorities, as well as private partners.

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Caritas Europa
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