EPA - European Parents' Association

Eszter Salamon
EPA has been the only EU-level organisation representing parents as a stakeholder group since its foundation in 1985. EPA has a nearly full coverage of Europe as it has members, national parents’ associations from 26 EU member countries and from some non-EU countries as well. EPA’s core activities are based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child giving parents sole rights, duties and responsibilities for the well-being and raising of their children, supporting the children in exercising their rights as well as demanding countries to provide the necessary support for this.

The main objectives of EPA, reaching out to 150 million European parents:
- to promote and advocate for the active involvement of parents as primary educators at all stages of the life of their children,
- to support parents' associations and individual parents for stakeholder involvement in different European countries by offering opportunities for training, cooperation and exchanging information,
- to support the highest possible quality of education for all children in Europe especially by active involvement in EU-level policy development and assessment
- to disseminate relevant European information among its members.

As the only representative association of parents on EU level EPA has worked closely together with other stakeholder groups as well as with different EU-institutions and political groups. As stakeholder involvement became part of official EU policies EPA will continue to work in line with EU2020 and ET 2020 policies in working groups, alliances and other available forms to formulate the contents of this involvement as well as supporting our members in their national and regional level work for involvement in their countries’ systems. In order to boost participation and commitment EPA is continuing its cooperation with EU institutions and relevant policy makers to shape involvement on national and local level for the necessary frameworks to be set up in countries where parental involvement is not yet part of governance.

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