ENSIE (European Network of Social Integration Enterprises)

ENSIE is the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, a non-profit organization based in Brussels, gathering 26 national and regional networks of Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) representing 20 European countries.

All these networks pursue, in a manner adapted to local constraints, objectives of social integration of disadvantaged people. Together, they total some 2,600 Work Integration Social Enterprises, and more than 385,000 salaried persons. The identifying principles of WISEs are:

- The social and professional integration of individuals who due to their exclusion and their relegation to a marginal role in society have fallen victim to increasing social and professional handicaps.

- Enterprises at the core of the economic system: work integration social enterprises have decided to carry on their activities at the very core of what is most frequently a major factor in the phenomenon of exclusion: the economic system.

- Enterprises of a strong pedagogical dimension. The ‘work integration social enterprises’ initiate training and educational programs designed on the basis of existing potential and develop this individual potential within the enterprise.

ENSIE aims to contribute to sustainable development through different actions such as creating links between the job market and the social integration of disadvantaged risk-groups by improving their employment opportunities and productivity, and promoting the economic viability and the innovation of social enterprises and the integration and reinforcement of their role in the general economic landscape.

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