Investing in People

The Social Pillar is the EU’s chance to build strong, cohesive societies – but its success will depend on adequate funding. An EU budget that promotes the rights people can rebuild trust between Europeans and decision-makers, and show that the wellbeing of people, not profit, is at the heart of the EU agenda.

What is the EU doing?

Investing in people and in reforms that put people first is a crucial component of making the Social Pillar a reality.

At the moment, the EU institutions are negotiating the next EU long-term budget, known as the multi-annual financial framework (MFF). It sets out the main spending priorities for the EU budget in the 2021-2027 period. As an investment instrument, the EU budget has great potential to finance common public initiatives with high societal returns.

To foster social fairness, resilience and a more inclusive EU, the Social Pillar must be sufficiently funded in the next EU budget, with a specific focus on instruments focused on ‘Cohesion and Values’ (heading 2 of the MFF).

The EU institutions are currently expected to finish negotiations on the EU budget at the end of 2019.

What does Social Platform want?

Social Platform advocates for a future EU budget that prioritises sustainable investment in people and planet, while promoting open, democratic and inclusive societies. For us and our members, investing in Social Europe is not just desirable, but an absolute necessity to bring Europe closer to its people – both present and future generations.

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