MERGE Project

The MERGE project brings together and supports the ongoing European Horizon Europe projects (SPES, ToBe, WISE Horizons, REAL), aiming to reach a consensus on frameworks and indicators to measure multidimensional well-being. MERGE establishes multi-stakeholder networks, promotes science-policy dialogue within and between these networks, and develops training tools for policy implementation. It builds a co-creation process grounding on the perspectives and needs of the actors. By combining practical understanding with cutting-edge research, it aims to provide a platform to assess and adopt indicators and frameworks and apply them in day-to-day work and decision-making. 


  • Harmonises data and gathers cutting edge insights of measurement practice to empower statisticians with more rigorous and effective tools to measure what really matters. 
  • Brings together diverse voices across and beyond academia to advance the field of beyond GDP economics and create breakthroughs in knowledge and policy impact. 
  • Develops advanced policy solutions and indicators, identifying novel ways of tackling the most pressing societal challenges. 
  • Builds a network of alliances to co-create narratives, strategies and tools to work together towards sustainable and inclusive wellbeing for all. 
  •  Offers new ways of understanding and measuring social and environmental impact, and greater opportunities to align business practice with purpose. 


What is Social Platform’s role in the project? 

Social Platform is the main impact, policy engagement and communication partner of the SPES project. The ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies undertakes this work within the WISE Horizons project and the European Policy Centre within the ToBe project. In MERGE, Social Platform will especially support work on mapping and engaging policy actors in policy networks and organising capacity-building and co-creation activities involving policy actors on topics related to measurement of multidimensional wellbeing. We will support impact activities aiming to increase the uptake of beyond GDP policy frameworks and wellbeing metrics and disseminate MERGE results within our networks to strengthen awareness on the topic.  

Discover more about the MERGE project and follow the latest news via the dedicated project website