Sustainable Development Goals – Multi-Stakeholder Platform


Social Platform is a member of the European Commission’s high-level multi-stakeholder platform on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform brings together representatives of civil society, business, farmers, trade unions, academia and regional governments to support and advise the European Commission on the implementation of SDGs at EU level. Platform members share a willingness to move beyond traditional partnerships and vested interests, knowing that the future of people and planet are at stake.

What we do

We were on the platform’s core drafting team of the advisory report “Europe moving towards a sustainable future” endorsed by all platform members in October 2018. The report fed into the European Commission’s reflection paper “Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030”, which is a key part of the Future of Europe debate launched by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The contribution of the platform stresses the need for an overarching Sustainable Europe 2030 strategy. It sets out clear recommendations across the fields of social inclusion, sustainable consumption and production, climate and energy, food, farming and land use, and cohesion. It also suggests ways to strengthen governance tools, financing and accountability.

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