Reducing inequalities through a just economy

Inequalities come in many shapes and forms: low or non-existent minimum wage levels; welfare and social protection systems that push people into poverty; and business models that make the rich richer and the poor poorer. These factors combined have a devastating impact on economic growth.

Many in the EU acknowledge that such significant inequalities are not economically viable, and are committed to creating a movement to bring about change, taking into account human well-being and environmental factors. We believe that a just economy is possible, and there are three key steps to make it a reality:

Policy Areas

10673Reducing inequalities through a just economy

Quality employment

  With over 70% of 20-64 year olds in the EU in work, employment is a social issue, not just an economic one. With...

10677Reducing inequalities through a just economy

Tax justice

Reforming tax systems is a concrete way to collect enough resources to adequately fund social policies in the EU. Due...