Call to reinforce the social dimension of the European Semester, the RRF and the NRRP

Given the impact of COVID-19 on social inequality and exclusion, the lack of mention of social dimensions in the European Semester, the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the National Recovery and Resilience Plans is deeply concerning.

Social Platform and its Members have written an open letter to the European Commission calling for the reinforcement of these social dimensions, alongside advocating for a 25% earmarking for the fairness chapter and for the European Pillar of Social Rights to play a central role.

Our two key recommendations are:

  1. The Commission’s Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2021 should foresee sufficient measures to tackle the current social crisis and to build inclusive societies;
  2. The reform of the European Semester process should provide a concrete space to enable the participation and consultation of civic society, guaranteeing democratic and accountable decision-making.

Read our full letter here.