CaritasEuropa: #whatishome Campaign

The MIND project

MIND (Migration. Interconnectedness. Development.) is a 3-year project, financed by DG DEVCO. It is led by Caritas Austria and comprised of 11 other European Caritas organisations, including Caritas Europa. The project revolves around three pillars: 1) drivers of forced migration, 2) welcoming societies, and 3) migrants as development actors.

We seek to raise public awareness of the relation between sustainable development and migration and the EU’s role in development cooperation.
Overall, our objective is, on the one hand, to foster welcoming and inclusive narratives about migration in Europe and, on the other hand, to ensure that EU and Member States’ development aid is used exclusively for the purpose of poverty alleviation and eradication to improve people’s lives.

The #whatishome campaign

In the framework of this project we are launching on World Refugee Day (June 20, 2018) a Europe-wide campaign called #whatishome, which asks people to reflect on the meaning of home and on the reasons for which people move from one place to another.

In relation to the public, the campaign’s first phase aims to: 1) raise public awareness of the motivations that compel people to migrate, 2) of how the lack of sustainable development creates unworthy living conditions and 3) to create a more welcoming environment for migrants and refugees in Europe.

In relation to policy, the campaign aims to encourage EU Institutions, Member States and third countries to address drivers of forced migration and to invest in migrants and refugees as actors of development.

Campaign website.