COFACE Families Europe: COFACE Families Europe stands with all the defenders of girls, women and families in all their diversity in Italy!

COFACE Families Europe has for more than 60 years promoted the wellbeing and health of families and their members in a changing society. It works towards a family-friendly environment which enables the wide diversity of families to thrive.

With family organisations all over Europe, COFACE strives for the respect and implementation of fundamental rights and a better society for all European families.

There is so much data stating that when girls and women can make choices for themselves personally and professionally it is good for their health, their families and their countries’ economies. Empowering girls and women is essential to build strong economies, to establish more stable and just societies and to improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

Today COFACE stands with all the defenders of women, girls and families in all their diversity in Italy and wants to express its resistance to the extremist and fundamentalist ideologies and views on women girls and families, promoted by the ‘World Congress of Families’ and participants.

More then ever COFACE Families Europe and its members defend and promote core European values such as equality between women and men, social inclusion , solidarity, respect of human rights, empowerment of families, and non-discrimination. These are the core values which guide all COFACE actions, including its call to vote for the European elections.

Join the movement to safeguard a social, inclusive and democratic Europe! #AllFamiliesSpeakOut

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