EU COVID-19 recovery plan must lead the way towards sustainable, green and inclusive economies and societies

Statement co-signed by Social Platform, initiated by SDG Watch Europe on the occasion of the 19 June 2020 European Council meeting

For the COVID-19 Recovery Plan, we call on the EU Institutions and Member States to:

  • Let this be a wake-up call: our system is the problem! We need a paradigm shift
  • Implement immediate debt cancellation and stop any unjust austerity measures
  • Make the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement the guidelines to get out of the crisis
  • Fight all other crises, too
  • Strengthen the social protection system and make it accessible for all
  • Protect our democracies, human and civic rights
  • Lead the way to a socially and ecologically sustainable economic system with revised, green budgets
  • Ensure transparency of political decisions on COVID-19 and beyond, as well as full inclusion and participation of civil society
  • Link economic recovery to clear conditions and say no to bail-outs for polluters and tax havens
  • Show transformative global action against poverty and hunger

Read the full statement here.