EURAG memory trainings

EURAG, the oldest international NGO, established in 1962 and registered in Luxembourg,has been a long-term member of Social Platform. We are having members in 28 European countries and in Israel. But you might not know that besides supporting an effort of our national members to turn attention of local politicians to their hot senior issues we are also providing a tangible help in the field of memory training.

Memory training is probably the most effective tool for increase of self-confidence , self efficiency and independence of the aging population ever.

EURAG memory training center has been helping to the countries with no or little experience in this field since 2002 when it has been established during our conference in Torino, Italy in 2002.

We are sharing our knowledge and professional knowledge wherever it is needed.

Since that time, our experts have been giving courses for certified memory trainers in Singapore, Nepal, India, Mauritius, Estonia, Russia, Iceland, Cyprus, USA, Russia, Albania, Slovakia, etc.

In 2018, we have done a course for the UN Institute of Ageing in Malta.

Now we are interested in recruiting new members to whom we can offer a training course for certified memory trainers as a bonus, free of charge.

We are especially interested in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.