Eurodiaconia: We’ve got a lot to say – members’ feedback on the Country Reports online now

Following the publication of the Country Reports on 7 March 2018, Eurodiaconia asked their members for feedback, together with the recommendations they would like the Commission to give to their government. Members’ feedback has been published in Eurodiaconia new policy paper titled “Rebalancing social and economic policy analysis in the European Semester”. The new paper gives an analysis of how social challenges are dealt with in this year’s country reports, as well as a detailed assessment of some country reports, based on the on-the-ground knowledge of our members. It, therefore, assesses whether the social challenges in the member states have been adequately taken into account and if the Country Reports are effectively monitoring the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Eurodiaconia has been closely following the European Semester process. As a network and together with other civil society organisations, Eurodiaconia has been calling since the beginning for the inclusion of stronger social analysis within the European Semester.

Rebalancing social and economic policy analysis in the European Semester: An appraisal of the 2018 Country Reports by Eurodiaconia and its members.

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