European Disability Forum: Reclaiming your rights 2019 photo competition – Now open for submissions

What does access to reclaiming your rights look like to persons with disabilities in the European Union?

How does one capture what justice looks like in a single image, let alone access to it? European Disability Forum (EDF) is extending the question to you in an appeal to your creativity for this year’s EDF photo competition “Reclaiming your Rights”.

Whether it be portraits of activists, survivors, images of voting, court proceedings, rallies, speeches, etc., EDF is looking for engaging visuals that put forward the experience of people with disabilities throughout the political, legal and justice system – in a single photograph, of which three will be selected for prizes. Furthermore, as part of the Just4All project launched last November, some of the submitted images will be used to illustrate a report compiling positive practices currently facilitating access to justice for people with disabilities in the European Union.

EDF thanks the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People for granting permission to borrow and share their archive photo of Chris Hughes (1961-2018) a relentless and beloved activist who fought for disability and LGBT+ rights in the UK until his passing last November. EDF was inspired by this image of uncompromised demands for access and justice for all, as well as by Chris’ advocacy legacy, and hopes you are too.

Submit entries to Naomi Mabita. They must contain the following:

  • A high definition photo
  • A caption for the photo
  • The signed authorisation form
  • EDF will only accept one entry per participant

All photos should be provided in high resolution (high quality picture “300dpi”). Photos can be edited and filters applied, however, entries must comprise one image only. Photos that contain more than one image shot separately are not allowed. Entries comprised of photo collages or images with additional elements (watermarks, text, etc.) will be rejected. Photos shot using various methods (i.e. long exposure, stacking) and camera built-in effects are accepted.

Deadline: 30 of September 2019 23:59 CET

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