EURORDIS: Rare Diseases 360° at ECRD 2018 Vienna

The European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products 2018 (ECRD) will take place in Vienna from 10-12 May. ECRD, the leading event for the rare disease community in Europe, offers the opportunity for networking and effective policy discussions between all rare disease stakeholders including patient advocates, policy-makers, healthcare industry representatives, clinicians, regulators, payers and Member State representatives.

The conference will offer participants a 360° view on the latest rare disease advances, challenges and trends, taking into account the experiences of all participants, including patients as equal experts.

The conference will take place at a critical time, one year before the next European parliamentary elections. Sessions at ECRD 2018 will help to demonstrate and reinforce the importance of EU actions in rare diseases.

EU cooperation has been vital in developing national plans for rare diseases and in launching the first European Reference Networks. Participants at ECRD 2018 will discuss how to continue and extend this momentum by taking a 360° approach when looking forward to the next 20 years.

Social Platform is proud to be an associate partner of ECRD 2018!