Pushing for a more socially sustainable Europe

Published on 5 July 2018, Panorama, magazine of the European Commission, page 24

For Social Platform, the next multi-annual financial framework (MFF) is an opportunity to shift the balance of the EU budget towards people-centred policies. Investing in social cohesion and inclusive policies is a prerequisite to more resilient economies, safer societies and upward convergence across the Union. As EU’s main investment instrument, a cohesion policy that strongly promotes social objectives is key to this endeavor. In this respect we enthusiastically note that the EU Commission’s sectoral budget proposals make a valuable contribution to a more social Europe. The future European Social Fund (ESF+) is of particular relevance in this context; the proposal sets clear investment objectives to support the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights with its key principles to promote quality employment, education and social inclusion. This is supported by an enabling regulatory framework which strongly promotes sustainable development through local initiatives – an encouraging push towards a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable Europe. Delivering on these objectives together with the European Pillar of Social Rights will require strong and equitable partnerships between public authorities, social partners and civil society. Together with our members representing 49 civil society umbrella organisations working in the social sector across the EU, we will closely monitor the MFF interinstitutional negotiations and advocate for an ambitious cohesion policy which can deliver social progress for all.

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