Registration is open for Social Platform’s Flagship Conference “Building Social Europe”, 4-5 May 2021


We are pleased to announced that the registration for our annual Flagship Conference which this year will take place virtually on 4 and 5 May is open. This year’s Conference is organised in cooperation with the Portuguese Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security and we are due to receive a confirmation for our Conference being an official side event of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Our Conference takes places prior to the EU Social Summit 2021 in Porto and we have already informed you that we had received a confirmation from the Portuguese Presidency that Social Platform, as the civil society contributor, will be able to have a speaking time in each of the three workshops organised during the Social Summit on:  Jobs and employment, Skills and lifelong learning – innovation, Social protection.

Our Conference will be a great opportunity for Social Platform to be part of the high-level discussions with the EU Member States, EU institutions and social partners and to be a part of shaping of EU’s social policies in the context of the COVID-19 recovery and the implementation of the Social Pilar Action Plan. During day 1 of the Conference (4 May) we are organising four workshops during which we will finalise our key messages to be delivered at the Social Summit. The four workshops are:

10:00 – 12:00

WS1: Employment: “Roadmap to Quality Employment through a Just Transition and a Fair Recovery, by SOLIDAR & European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN)

WS2: Skills and lifelong learning: Lifelong and life wide learning for just green transition – by Volonteurope, European Parents Association, SOLIDAR Foundation

14:00 – 16:00

WS3: Social Protection: Reducing inequalities from the first years of life: the role of Early Childhood Development - by European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) & Eurochild 

WS4: Social Economy: The Road to Social Europe? An Action Plan for and with Europe’s Social Economy, by European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE) & European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives (CECOP)

During day 2 of the Conference (5 May) we will have an honour of Professor Enrico Giovannini delivering a keynote speech. Professor Giovannini is an Italian economist and who already participated in our Flagship Conference 2019 in Helsinki. Since 13 February 2021, Professor Giovannini serves as a Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility of Italy.

On the same day we will organise a high-level political debate between representatives of the EU institutions, national governments of the current and upcoming Presidencies of the Council of the EU (Portuguese, Slovenian and French) and civil society organisations.

Full programme and registration.