Social Platform cancels its Berlin Flagship Conference

It is with great regret that Social Platform decided to cancel its 3rd Flagship Conference, “Building Social Europe”, on 17 September 2020, in Berlin. Instead, we will mobilise efforts around the event’s policies focus: essential services and decent income for all in the EU.

The unprecedented Covid-19 crisis we are experiencing right now has brought about a lot of disruptions and uncertainties upon every single person, organisation and institution. Considering these circumstances, which significantly hinder our planning, preparations and  efforts, whilst necessarily prioritising health, safety and well-being of our personnel, members and partners, Social Platform has decided to cancel its conference in September and postpone its organisation until a later stage in 2021.

But the core policies related to available, accessible, affordable quality services and decent income for all in the EU, which were at the core of this year’s conference, are more critical than ever in the framework of the crisis. For that reason, Social Platform is now putting all its efforts into a strategy in response to the emerging situation with a view to mobilise our members and partners on these issues. These collective actions will not only prevent the social crisis and protect EU social standards but, most importantly, it will invigorate our collective efforts to turn this crisis into an opportunity for the European Union. The EU must take a historic and decisive step to transform its model into a sustainable socio-economic system that promotes social justice, including a just distribution of wealth, respect for human rights and dignity of all. This is at the core of Social Platform’s mission and in the coming months, we will engage our members to build a strong network of supporters, partners and followers to help us foster this system change.

Last but definitely not least, we express our deepest gratitude, admiration and solidarity with all individuals and organisations which are risking their health, and even lives, and working tirelessly at the frontline of the battle against the virus, delivering all the essential services to ensure our societies are protected and can function, and that no one is left behind.