Statement on the situation in Afghanistan

“As the world watches helplessly as the horrifying situation in Afghanistan unfolds, the EU must do whatever it can to protect those fleeing the Taliban -especially women and children. This includes:

  • Guaranteeing the right to asylum to Afghan refugees
  • Opening new, safe, legal channels for refugees to reach the EU
  • Quality reception conditions for refugees that protect their dignity and well-being
  • A commitment not to criminalise people or organisations providing humanitarian assistance to refugees
  • Swift adoption of the Pact on Migration and Asylum, to prepare for future such events

“Feet-dragging on the scale we saw during the 2015 migration crisis will result in more innocent lives lost in Afghanistan and on the shores of Europe. Many European countries have left a footprint in Afghanistan and cannot abandon the Afghan people in their hour of need.

“We must be one welcoming Europe to those fleeing.”

Alva Finn, Director of Social Platform

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