Made in Social Europe Exhibition *Call for Projects*

This month, we begin the process of launching our 2020 exhibition, Made in Social Europe. COVID-19 has taught us a lot, most notably the urgent need to address the socio-economic inequality and exclusion that exists across our continent.

Three years on from the birth of the European Pillar of Social Rights, organisations and their networks are still working hard across the continent to promote and fulfil the Social Pillar principles. From professional integration programmes to anti-discrimination and essential and social services you are actively demonstrating first hand the impact that social projects can have in empowering groups in vulnerable situations and communities to feel included and protected.

However, often our innovations, practices and impacts fail to be seen or recognised by civic society and those elected to serve and promote our best interests. Our Made in Social Europe Exhibition will provide an online and interactive way for us to be allowed a glimpse of what you are doing, to be inspired by your practice, to educate others and witness first hand the impact that social projects are having across the European Union. We also want to know how COVID-19 has affected your project and if you have any advice or best practice tips for other projects operating in the same environment.

The information you provide below will be exhibited in our online platform and circulated throughout our networks. We will exhibit your project on our website, creating a slideshow of this year’s submissions alongside a 90-second audio clip from you or your participants showcasing the impact of your project.

Please take a moment to complete our google form. Once you have pressed submit, you will be invited to send two high resolution photos alongside your project or organisation’s logo to

Deadline for submission: October 23rd