Below is an overview of responses, reactions, statements and policy recommendations from the membership of Social Platform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly.

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Full members

AGE Platform Europe
Coronavirus COVID-19, March
COVID-19: with great challenge must come great solidarity, 9 April
Investment in health for all: the best reward we can give to nurses, 6 April
Residential institutions in the eye of the COVID-19 storm: governments must act quickly to protect residents and personnel, 16 April
Ageism In The Age Of Covid-19, 22 April

Caritas Europa
COVID-19: An opportunity to improve our welfare systems, 27 March
Caritas members’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, April

Hope for cooperative SMEs: EU Adopts Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative to combat COVID-19, 30 March

COFACE Families Europe
COFACE stresses importance of its solidarity in light of the Coronavirus, 16 March
A time of transitions, experiments and reinvention? Notes from Brussels in lockdown, 19 March
8 key actions to help families & the economy bounce back, 15 April
Members in action in the era of Coronavirus, 20 April

European Anti-Poverty Network
EAPN Statement on COVID-19, 17 March

European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
EASPD call on the EU to ensure that the EU Response to COVID-19 tackles threat of social care emergency, 12 March
Social services at risk of being left aside during COVID-19 spread, 19 March
New Snapshot Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Disability Services in Europe, 27 April

European Consumer Debt Network
COVID19, March
Letter to Commissioner Reynders, 14 April

European Council on Refugees and Exiles
Belgium and The Netherlands: Suspension of the Right to Asylum Due to Coronavirus, 19 March
Protect the most vulnerable to ensure protection for everyone!, 25 March

European Disability Forum
Open letter to leaders at the EU and in EU countries: COVID-19 – disability inclusive response, 19 March
COVID19: Activities of our members, 16 March
Residential institutions are becoming hotbeds of infection and abuse – governments need to act now, 31 March
Persons with disabilities stripped of community-based support and protective equipment during COVID-19 crisis, 3 April
45 MEPs: Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative must fund support services for persons with disabilities, 8 April
Letter to presidents of 8 EU bodies: COVID 19 economic recovery planning – planning for sustainable inclusive societies, 15 April

European Network Against Racism
Leaving no one behind in the coronavirus crisis: ENAR calls for system change now to achieve real equality, 19 March
Corona Diaries: Voices from the ENAR network, 23 March
Evidence of the impact of Covid-19 on racialised communities exposes need to address persistent inequalities and racism, 12 May
COVID-19 impact on racialised communities: interactive EU-wide map, 12 May

European Network of Social Integration Enterprises
Call for specific support measures for inclusive and integrated forms of employment during the Coronavirus crisis, 27 March

European Public Health Alliance
EPHA Statement on COVID19, 12 March
Coronavirus threat greater for polluted cities, 16 March
COVID-19 resource page

European Social Action Network
Pour une Europe de la solidarité face à l’épidémie, 16 March

European Women’s Lobby
EWL Policy Brief: Putting equality between women and men at the heart of the response to COVID-19 across Europe, 10 April
Call for a European Solidarity Stimulus Plan: European solidarity must continue during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the aftermath, 15 April
For a Europe that cares for all – during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, 22 April

European Youth Forum
Separated but united, let’s ensure that no one is left behind, 20 March

COVID-19, March
Protecting children now and in the future – Eurochild public statement on COVID-19, 25 March

New Policy Briefing on COVID-19: Protecting The Vulnerable – Supporting Our People, 24 March
Response of Diaconia and Churches to COVID-19, March onwards

European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless
COVID-19: “Staying Home” Not an Option for People Experiencing Homelessness, 18 March

Housing Europe
#StayAtHome and Europe’s housing crisis: The COVID-19 pandemic exposes the shortcomings of our housing policies, 20 March
COVID-19 information blog, March

International Federation of Social Workers Europe
Call to authorities and service providers – social workers are on the front line in the assistance of people affected by COVID 19 – you have to ensure them the necessary equipment!, 15 March

ILGA Europe
We continue to be committed to our members and to the movement, 18 March
Working from home: How the ILGA-Europe staff are striving forward!, 20 March
Protect, Adapt and Rally: The ILGA-Europe three-part plan to support the LGBTI movement through the Covid-19 crisis, April

International Union of Tenants
Coronavirus & COVID-19, March

Mental Health Europe
Coronavirus: 8 ways to look after your mental health, 13 March

Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants
The COVID-19 pandemic: we need urgent measures to protect people and mend the cracks in our health, social protection and migration systems, 25 March

Rare Diseases Europe
A message from EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, 17 March

Call to the EU and Member States to protect the rights of the population facing more vulnerability in times of COVID-19, 17 March
E-learning: Universal access to education at a time of online learning, 27 March
Briefing Note – Civic Space: The lockdown is no excuse to bypass democracy, 31 March
Protecting the most vulnerable in society: Migration and COVID-19, 7 April
Putting solidarity in social distancing: CSOs at the forefront of social innovation, 9 April
Briefing paper – Maquila workers in Central America: Falling off the boat in the coronavirus storm?, 30 April

SOS Children’s Villages International
How to speak to your child about the coronavirus, 13 March
Appeal to authorities, care professionals and social workers, 19 March
Parenting in a pandemic: tips for caregivers and parents, 27 March

Transgender Europe
COVID-19, 7 April

Associate Members

Can Europe afford to leave informal carers on their own at the forefront of the coronavirus battle?, 24 March
COVID-19 – Practical support to informal carers, March

European Association for the Education of Adults
Support for ALE providers needed to mitigate consequences of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 24 March

European Platform for Rehabilitation
EPR Community and COVID-19, March

European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network
Covid-19 – extreme hardship and solidarity in these times of crisis, 31 March
Coronavirus: NGOs warn against Roma exclusion from EU crisis response, 6 April
EU recovery plan. The case of Roma in Member States, enlargement and neighbourhood countries, 29 April
The effects of Covid-19 on Roma communities in EU Member States and Enlargement and Neighbourhood Countries, 29 April

Make Mothers Matter
When the world changes, 3 April
MMM joins ECDAN in its call for coordinated action to protect and support all young children and their caregivers, 17 April

Save the Children International
Urgent call to relocate lone children in Greek camps before coronavirus spreads, 25 March

The Salvation Army, EU Affairs Office
Coronavirus pandemic: The Salvation Army connected and continuing to serve, 18 March

Partners & Projects

E-survey – Living, working and COVID-19, April

European Institute for Gender Equality
Covid-19 and gender equality, April

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Coronavirus pandemic in the EU – Fundamental Rights Implications – Bulletin 1, 24 April

EU Alliance for Investing in Children
Joint statement on protecting children and their families during and after the COVID19 crisis, 15 April