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Civil society organisations represent the interests of people that gather around specific characteristics and focus groups.

From the environment, to consumers, to workers, and those who are traditionally underrepresented in decision-making, civil society organisations (CSOs) bring the rights, needs and values of their constituencies to the attention of decision-makers.

Social Platform takes great pride in the diversity and competence of our membership; indeed, the privileged relationship we enjoy with the European institutions is down to the breadth and variety of our members’ expertise in the social field.

We also aim to foster debate and mutual learning by engaging with EU civil society and other stakeholders working in a range of sectors. Whether through participation in EU-wide projects, partnerships to deliver our long-term objectives, or membership of alliances promoting common values, we endeavor to cement the social needs of people in Europe, including those in vulnerable situations, high on the EU agenda.

Projects & Partnerships

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Overview Social Platform is a member of the research project ‘Closing gaps in social citizenship. New tools to...

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Social Platform works on a broad array of social justice issues within the EU. There are many other civil society...