Some people do skydives, others run marathons or hold bake sales – there are many ways for you and your friends to help us in our work to build a Social Europe for all, with all! Whatever you decide to do to help us, we’re here to support you.

The people who support our work are some of the most passionate, creative and committed in the EU. Run, hike, swim, host an event, create a fundraiser on Facebook for your birthday or any other occasion – whatever you do, we are committed to supporting you. 

There are many exciting opportunities through which you can make a difference to the social justice community.  Here are just a few ideas:  

If you have any other creative ideas or you’d like us to lend a hand by setting up fundraising pages or spreading the word on our social media accounts, please contact us at

Why you should support our cause

The European Union has helped bring prosperity to Europe, yet 96.5 million people are at risk of poverty or social exclusion and millions more face inequalities.

We must do better. The EU has the power to help lift all people out of poverty and build more equal, inclusive, sustainable, prosperous societies and economies. But too often, EU policies focus on the economy and getting people into jobs. EU decision-makers don’t speak to the concerns of many of the people living in Europe, and don’t listen to those people when they have something to say.

Social Platform wants to change the status quo. In a nutshell, Social Platform’s mission is a more Social Europe for all and with all.